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Welcome to National Parcel Logistics

National Parcel Logistics (NPL), located in Tampa, FL was founded in 1997. NPL is a leader in transportation and U.S. Mail logistics within the State of Florida and nationwide. We offer custom solutions for our customers in the postal distribution arena.

All Mailers today have tremendous task in keeping abreast of the technology and regulations in the postal industry. NPL prides itself in being able to offer the most comprehensive and reliable services in the market. Our program solutions are driven to reduce customer costs, increase customer profits and assist our clients to gain further growth and market share.

NPL's service and capabilities have truly benefited our clients over the years. As the postal distribution industry continues to evolve you can count on NPL to provide innovative solutions to meet your changing needs.

NPL and it's staff looks forward to servicing your organization every step of the way…

Don Manuchia & David Miller


Corporate Office
5415 W Sligh Ave
Ste 110
Tampa, FL 33634

Phone 813.886.4220
Fax 813.886.4026

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